Personal Growth

CPG take your business expansion personally. We know that for your organisation to grow and succeed continued investment is needed. Training and coaching develops your team enabling your business to evolve. Trained staff are motivated and their professional development aids retention, motivates them to be more engaged in your business and bridges skills gaps to enable them to perform more effectively.

We can deliver continued professional and personal development coaching to motivate individuals and enable them to develop with the business. Empower the team so they understand the core values of the company and are pulling in the same direction. Undertake personalised learning sessions that your staff will enjoy, providing them with skills and techniques they can use every day to improve performance.  Provide in-depth communication skills to develop a cohesive team, that work together.

Executive mentorship
to enhance confidence
Create team cohesion
Develop good communication
Provide strategies to
improve daily performance
Advanced Training

CPG can support key staff, helping them advance as leaders so they can operate credibly in a demanding and flourishing environment. We are skilled mentors for Executives, enhancing their confidence, competence and in turn their effectiveness.  CPG also deliver compliance and legislation guidance to ensure you’re always one step ahead.

CPG deliver a ‘train the trainer’ model as a revenue generating section of your HR department. Call today for details.


Do you need to inspire
and engage with your staff?

Does your leadership team
lack confidence?



Are there gaps where
skills should be?
Do you have a
communication problem?



Does your team need
a boost of enthusiasm?