Will act as your
internal HR team
Target individuals
who match your goals
Track down the
right talent quickly
Align you with trusted
outsource partners
We find the right people

Having the right team is the key to building a successful business. A collaboration of like minded motivated and skilled individuals can create the difference you need to grow.  Choosing talent that evolves with your business can grant you long term relationships which facilitate commitment, enthusiasm and save you money.

CPG can act as your HR department, introducing you to professionals across new markets. We can give you access to our internal resources to enhance your pool of expertise giving you more options and opportunities in new marketplaces.

We also train them

We are people strategists, CPG can find the people your organisation needs, we will deliver you a targeted shortlist of pre-qualified talent. This saves you the laborious task of screening and replaces ineffective hiring techniques with proven innovative systems. We will find the right staff at the right time in their career, who will hit the ground running. To ensure we maximise the benefits of your Top Team, CPG will create Key Performance Indicators and Development plans to manage  talent to its ultimate potential.

CPG can outsource all your Talent Management and Training Services saving you the cost of hiring full time permanent Professionals and so affording you a mixture of competences tailored specifically to your needs.

You want to grow your business –
Is your team with you?

Do you struggle to find the right people?



Is your induction process ineffective?
Recruitment not delivering results?



Not quite ready for a new hire?