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As a UK SME ourselves we know how time consuming it is to find the right staff. We have been helping Richmond businesses attract and retain key staff for over five years. Local knowledge is key. Your business is different and therefore finding staff with the right outlook, personality and skills makes all the difference. It’s about getting recruitment right first time.

We are specialists in recruiting:

• Sales Staff
• Key Management and senior management positions
• Operations and administration Staff
• Finance Staff

We Are Talent Search Specialists
This means that we actively hunt for local Richmond candidates who are not currently looking. The best candidates are often not seeking a new job. Many smaller businesses do not have the ability to compete with the larger businesses that have a large recruitment marketing budget. That’s why we actively target suitable candidates and approach them on your behalf.

We Are Business Expansion Consultants
We help businesses grow through developing strategy and building infrastructure. All of our Richmond consultants know what it is like to own a business and we truly understand what it takes to make that business a success. This knowledge gives us a huge advantage in finding and assessing the best candidates.

We Help You On-board Your Staff
Finding and successfully recruiting your new staff member is only the first step. How you integrate your talent is the difference between them staying or leaving. We work with you to develop and/or improve your induction process. This way, your new staff members feel valued and really understand what is expected of them. This leads to higher work satisfaction, better performance and your staff will generally stay with you longer.


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