On The Job Hunt? What Employers Are Looking For.

On The Job Hunt? What Employers Are Looking For.

What Employers Are Looking For

If you’re on the prowl for a new job, understanding what a prospective employer wants can really help put you in pole position to secure that exciting new role.

Whether new graduates or established professionals, those who are successful in their search will have more than their CV to hand, they will understand the value of their reputation and leverage it to create advantage.
Here’s What Your Potential Employer Is Looking For

“A polished CV, rich in skills and experience is the minimum expected but you need to be clear about your future aspirations and why you believe you can achieve them,” said Jason Miller from Tinder-Box Business Coaching.

“Employers are looking beyond qualifications to the sort of person you are as much as what you have achieved, making your RV – your reputational value –as important to a prospective employer as your CV.” Jason has worked with some of the UK’s large organisations to design graduate recruitment and talent management strategies and believes there are five things that an individual should consider to enhance their reputational value.

1. Understand your current reputation. Get curious as to what you are known for now. Ask friends, colleagues, bosses or even your old teachers to get as broad a view as possible. This will help you to understand who you are and why you are already successful.

2. Understand what drives you and let people know. Look at your list of achievements and understand what it is about you that enabled you to achieve them. Understand what motivates you and gives you the edge. Be ready and proud to present your values and personal motivations as much as your academic track record.

3. Check your social media presence reflects you. Consider Google as an immediate reflection of your online reputation. Type your name in and see what words and images appear. Does your reputation in social media reflect the person written on your CV? Is what you see consistent with who you are and how you wish to present yourself?

4. Embrace your new identity. Be ready to present yourself as the person you’ll be when you secure the position, not as the person you have been until now. This is a new chapter and employers want to employ someone who they are confident will be a competent future leader, not a student. Ensure that you present your future self.

5. Be clear what you’re striving for. Be really clear about your future aspirations are and be prepared to articulate these clearly to any potential employers. Employers will be interested in not only what you’ve done to date but the potential return on the investment that they make in hiring you.