Attracting the right
talent to the business.


CPG were approached by an IT firm specialising in the banking sector in London, they wanted to grow their sales by 50% using 3 new sales agents.

Previously the firm had lost 2 possible candidates who chose to work for the competition. When approached the candidates explained they felt the company didn’t offer long term protection and the business’ reputation wasn’t strong. 

CPG conducted workshops to understand how the company could enhance its attractiveness and USP’s. CPG carried out a survey of the current team to establish what a typical working day involved for them; why they chose to stay with the company and what they would like to see in place for the future. Small team meetings were held to get more in-depth feedback.

The result was Management and HR had greater insight into how each individual played a part in the success of the company. Team spirit was improved through positive attitudes and outlooks. Management and HR were more attuned to the sales teams typical working day. The website was updated with stronger branding and staff videos. A more cohesive and positive approach was developed for how the company was illustrated during interview, including the types of career opportunities available.

The next round of interviews held by the company yielded 3 suitable who candidates who have joined the team successfully.

Greater insight into employees
Enhanced USP’s
Sourced ideal candidate
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They are principled, knowledgable, intuitive, reliable, results-driven (and fun to work with!). I would have no hesitation in giving them the strongest recommendation.

Kirsty Kirkwood
CEO at Living Life Counselling[/blockquote]


Helping an MD up-skill
and grow his business


A Managing Director of an Architecture firm specialising in modern eco design was having difficulty pushing his business to the next stage. With a proven track record, over 25 years experience and several awards, the business was well placed to return to pre recession figures. However with cash flow a real issue the MD didn’t have the confidence to make the necessary developments.

The MD recognised the need for change as retirement was 10 years away and the business was intended to be his future income. The pressure of the situation was having a significant influence on the MD who was frustrated and depressed. This was effecting the atmosphere and prosperity of the business.

CPG met with the MD and made a thorough analysis of the business and its practices including how the MD’s attitude was influencing the team. It was apparent that despite his determination for the business to succeed, his current mindset was impeding its growth.

CPG put into place a personal development plan for the MD to enable him to face the challenges of the business. Positive reinforcement was initiated to create a constructive and more creative life and business model.

Additional meetings were held with the MD and his Leadership team to discuss the direction of the business, its goals and vision for the future. A strategy was agreed and the MD given a roadmap that was straightforward to follow and communicate to his staff. CPG trained the staff on business expansion, pitch development and company promotion. A branding and marketing campaign was implemented.

Once the new ethos was in place the MD’s approach reaped rewards quickly. The staff environment improved and became open, positive and enthusiastic. Within 3 months of the new programme being in place a project valued at over 2 million was secured. Within 1 year the business was back in positive cash flow, with worked lined up for the future.

The MD felt happy and enthusiastic for the future. He expressed that he had regained control of his business and cited that the coaching programme had had an enormous impact on his fortunes.

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It will be the most productive thing you could do. I have no hesitation in giving CPG my highest recommendation.

Peter Lyons
Business Manager at Celtic Power Canada Ltd


 Training, Induction,
Performance Management and Integration


CPG were approached by a young, fast growing sales outsourcing company. The business was running a
large recruitment drive to bring 20 new staff on board within 6 weeks.

Previous enterprises had been unsuccessful due largely to poor structures, minimal policies and procedures, a lack
of equipment and poor induction training. Excessive pressure was being placed on Managers to achieve high sales
targets with poorly trained teams. Staff were leaving quickly and replacing them was a challenge as the companies
reputation was deteriorating.

CPG appraised the business to establish a detailed understanding of its values and mission. With this information
CPG created a staff manual, complete with  Job Specifications and training on the goals of the business and how
each individual could play a part in the success of the company. Training was given to Management on how to lead a
successful team and completing performance management documentation. Meetings with individuals highlighted
skills gaps and training was given to improve productivity.

The company now has a properly devised induction programme. Strong communication processes are in place to
track employees and successful employees are used as a benchmark for hiring new team members.

Ongoing training and development is scheduled regularly to improve engagement, standards and outcomes.