Business Growth Workshops With CPG

Aimed specifically at established and high growth businesses our powerful Business Growth Workshops are a 1 day intensive session where you will leave with a completed and immediately actionable strategy and plan for your chosen topic.


Upcoming Business Growth Workshops

DigiTech Monthly Meetup – September 6th – CLICK TO REGISTER
Setting Up A Food Business For Success September 12th 2017-
Creating Business Pitching Perfection –  DigiTech – September 13th –CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Next In Tech Conference – DigiTech –  October 5th 2017 – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Merchandising And Store Layouts Made Easy September 26th 2017- CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Unconference –  You decide the topics –  Digitech – October 11th – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Packaging And Labelling Made Easy October 19th 2017- Registration opening soon
Digitech Monthly Meetup – DigiTech –  November 1st 2017 – Registration opening soon
Foodies Networking Meetup November 2nd 2017- Registration opening soon
Financing Your Business For Growth November 7th 2017- Registration opening soon
Foodies Christmas cheer Meetup December 5th 2017- Registration opening soon
Digitech Christmas cheer Meetup December 5th 2017- Registration opening soon

What is a Business Growth Workshop?

These one-day interactive workshops have been designed to provide you with the quality time needed to spend thinking and learning about how to grow your business. This workshop has been developed for expanding businesses who have the ambition and determination to achieve high growth.

Led by some of the country’s most successful growth specialists, CPG provides a framework of support to help companies reach their growth milestones.


Who is this Workshop for?

It’s for any business owner/leader who wants to scale business and grow profits quickly.
Any business owners who are dissatisfied with their current results and simply want to accelerate growth and profit fast.

At the end of each Business Growth Workshop you can apply to have on-going support.

Our Business Growth Workshops provide businesses with one-to-one access to growth experts to work on key challenges preventing growth.